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Among the nation’s leading undergraduate law journals, Georgetown University Undergraduate Law Review analyzes the most consequential issues in law, policy, philosophy, history, and politics. GUULR is dedicated to providing a visible forum for legal debate, discussion, and reflection. In providing a platform for authors to explore and articulate their innovative legal thoughts and ideas, we hope to promote a more nuanced understanding of prevalent questions and concerns about our legal institutions.

GUULR is entirely student-run. The year-long process commences with an extensive search for the most notable works from students at the nation’s finest universities, as well as from judges, professors, and legal practitioners. Every GUULR article then endures a rigorous editing and revision process in order to ensure that it reaches its full potential and strength before publishing. Furthermore, undergraduate students are given the unique opportunity to engage in every stage of the publishing process, from conducting thorough legal research and investigating, to writing and re-writing drafts, to polishing Bluebook citations. GUULR strives for excellence, both in our final product, and in shaping more capable and experienced writers. Visit the submissions page to learn more about writing for GUULR, or, learn more about joining The Editorial Board.

In addition to our yearly publication, GUULR Blog serves as a space for authors to share thoughts and insights that don’t necessarily require the length and depth of a law review article. Visit the submissions page to learn more about writing for our blog.

Thank you for your interest in Georgetown University Undergraduate Law Review, we hope you enjoy recently published Volume VII.

Lauren Scarff

Solveig Baylor, Paneez Oliai, Leo Rassieur, Keerat Singh, Curtis Yun
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